Adams Insurance Service

Adams Insurance Service has a long standing reputation to provide its customers with the best possible service when working with many types of insurance products. We do our best to protect our clients with products that we use both personally and professionally.

Our unique approach to your unique employees

Adams Insurance Service takes a very delicate approach to planning our employee benefits: We throw spaghetti on the wall and our clients tell us what sticks. In other words, you know your company employees much better than we do. By informing us what you and your employees are trying to accomplish, we can then provide solutions that best work for unique needs.

Not all insurance companies offer everything for everybody

With that, we take your list of important needs and use that specific information to find options that we feel will accomplish your goals. Sometimes there will be more than one solution, and that’s where you tell us what works for you.

Group Insurance

We have many goals in providing you the best insurance. First, we will exclude those companies that do not have a strong network of doctors and hospitals in your area. Second, exclude those companies whose programs or types of coverage do not match your current preferences. Third, exclude those companies that have premiums that are not competitive unless a superior coverage is offered. We will prepare a proposal for generally the top two or three companies.

Adams Insurance Service has access to the following companies: