I hate making animation, I have absolutely no patience when it comes down to creating those 25fps. But I love watching animation (who doesn’t… actually I know one guy called Sim who doesn’t like animation… I think I slapped him) I love exploring new techniques and trying out new ideas in the medium.

Here you’ll find some of my work, from the rush jobs for quick kicks to the more prestigious shorts I couldn’t avoid making.

A new sticky memo note for every new frame (recycled after) shot in my kitchen for GreenThing as apart of their message to encourage people to be more green. The message here is, you guessed it; PLUG OUT. The music is an acoustic version on New Order ‘Blue Monday’ played by stupid me on Guitar and Mandolin.

Hand drawn on my favourite medium (post it notes) shot as replacement animation with canon 550d.

Stop-frame animation using origami. I shot this on my old sony-ericson camera phone. @lb_cuts calls this ‘Paul Nash Grabs a Snack’ you ask him why.

Shot with 16 separate mini pin-hole cameras. I made the cameras from mini Pringle pots, apertures were made from aluminium soft drink cans. Images were captured on photographic paper, developed in my bomb-shelter (darkroom) scanned, inverted and edited in FCP. Each frame took between 40 and 120secs. I think the ISO of the paper is about ‘4’.

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