RIP OFF from Rex Martin on Vimeo.

My mate Liam Cooper (@harshnature) had a massive beard and wanted to get rid of it… basically I couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste…


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Last Year I popped in to do some work at BBC Worldwide with the EARTH UNPLUGGED team,

I worked on a couple of different properties with editor/long suffering friend Lawrence Bowden aka @LB_cuts and Valentine Riva (Lawrie’s even longer suffering girlfriend)

I was animating motion graphics and designs by KISS MY PIXEL.

Here’s one of our collaborations all the footage is re-cycled from the BBC’s natural history archive.

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I recently got a GoPro Hero 3 which (if you didn’t know) is an awesome little camera about 2.5 inches in size that shoots super rad HD video.

Anyway old Gavin Strange AKA JamFactory got one too and we have decided to do film challenges. We both take on making a film based around a theme.

Bristol was hit by snow just over a week ago and we thought this gave us the opportunity to have a warm up round so… we swapped sd cards and have done an edit challenge, same footage – different edits.

Vote for your Favourite!


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Just a little animation I knocked up this afternoon. I’m trying to get myself back into the habit of animating. Here’s something to ease me and you back in…

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Aardman Digital have just announced they are soon to release their new amazing puzzle solving action game ‘Home Sheep Home 2′. I helped out a bit with this by testing it… (not really helping out) and by putting together a teaser trailer from the beautiful hand drawn animation frames.

You can find out more about it at www.homesheephome2.com Look out for updates on it release by following Aardman Digital on twitter and by signing up to the news letter on the Home Sheep Home 2 site.

When it becomes available I recommend you get it, its addictive and fun.

I hope you enjoy the teaser!


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Right, I have been off the ball with updating this blog for a while. Basically I have been busy with lots of projects… and when ever I have had any down time I have been working on my children’s novel, Yes, I am writing a novel. The grammar sucks the spelling is appalling but the story is nearly all there.

This weekend I took time out to help a friend. He was involved in putting on a bike polo tournament in Bristol and wanted someone to do a little shoot and edit of the event. I borrowed a HD GoPro Hero from work (thanks Aardman) and popped along. The on-board-mic in my camera isn’t great but hopefully you still get the gist of the interview. The action is want you’ll be watching for anyway.


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This months Loopdeloop challenge title is ‘monsters’, I drew a couple of storyboards and then through them all out the window (metaphorically) and went with something a bit more violent.

Here’s the link, I hope you enjoy.

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Yay, My entry got accepted into Loopdeloop!!!!

Check it out here





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For some reason, I have never managed to grow up. I still play video games, read comics, children’s books (I don’t steal books that belong to children… I buy ones that are intended for kids… there is nothing wrong with this… I just like that they have happy endings) and of course I skateboard.

But there’s another thing I can’t resist; Awesome Parks! As we were leaving Midsomer Norton Skatepark Lawrence had to have a go on the slide. It was a school day so we thought this would be a good opportunity to have a jolly good play on the rest of the facilities. I smashed this edit together to show the fun we had.

The next time you take your little bro, sis, nephew, niece, son or daughter down to your local park, I strongly encourage you get involved. (don’t act weird though… because you may get arrested)

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