Had a great evening last night as I joined in at #kittencamp.

‘ROFL REX’ & ‘MEME-MASTER-MEOW’ aka ‘Me’ & ‘Chris Quigley’ PhotoRights: Rubber Republic

Kittencamp is a informal and fun networking night (this one in Bristol) put on by the Lovely people @rubber_republic/@TeamRubber. The host; Chris dresses up at a massive cat for the event… its not a party unless someone is wearing a massive cat costume. Also a mutual friend of ours and colleague of Chris; Matt Golding filled us in with some great behind the scenes industry melarky about picking the right arguments with clients to get the best product.

Last night was a little different to their normal event. They introduced a new feature that they have tried out in New York. This, is The ‘Memes Battle’

The meme battle is where two people fight it out, trying to out do each other with amusing online content from blogs to viral videos. The person who gets the most ‘LOL cards’ held up by the audience wins.

I was the under-dog in this event and quite fittingly I was dressed as a dog. My alias for the evening ‘ROFL REX’ It went to extra time so I though I had to pull out something special, I went back to my roots and pulled out some of my animations which have been doing quite well on a few Spanish and French blogs and forums.

To my surprise…. I won!

Here’s a link to the Team Rubber blog about the event. Including pictures!