Currently Presenting CBBC Art Ninja (in its second season) I’ve also presented live draw alongs with CBBC as well as making writing and performing the odd festival show the most exciting being Edinburgh Fringe.

Back in the day and by some fluke… I have ended up presenting my own TX pilot of my own Childrens TV show on CBBC. When I say ‘fluke’ I mean a large amount of hard work and creativity.

Ricky’s Radical Reinvention’s saw me on an adventure to show kids how to make cool stuff, Not just a toy car out of a cardboard box and some digestive biscuits for wheels but something that actually works, that they wouldn’t have thought possible. The Pilot was about sound and speakers, the children that took part made working speakers (from old tat) that worked with their mp3 players and off the back on they speaker making skills went on to build a PA system for X-factor Finalist Kitty Bucknell to perform to to their whole school!! The show centred around a Van with was set up as a creative hub where ideas happen and… the cheeky duo Morph and Chas lived, getting up to all kinds of mischief. The show was greatly received but we are still waiting for the BBC to decise whether or not the show will go to series.

Before R3 I was involved in ‘Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention’ Originally just doing online tutorial videos for the Hands on Kits section of the BAFTA winning website and then from the success of those hosting the 30 minute special features on the World of Invention DVD,

I Co-Wrote, Directed and Edited the special features with good friend of mine Lawrence Bowden better known for his supreme editing skills (@LB-Cuts to the twitterverse)

Here’s the Highlights Reel cut together by Lawrie Bowden

I hope you Enjoy.

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