Right… so I was going to ask everyone to give me £1 so I could afford to buy timber to build my own back yard mini ramp, turns out if you do nothing… someone will give you one. (strings are usually attached)

Any way, A friend of mine bumped in to a friend of mine at ‘We the People’ festival at Bristol’s harbor side. He has a ramp in his garden but land lord wants shot of it, So we are moving it to mine. The top ply was… well… ruined, so the mission is more of a salvage project.

Taking it to pieces wasn’t to hard… but there were loads of screws and some of the timber was sodden and dead.

Here’s some pic of the progress

The top layer of wood was already removed.

Myself, Lawrie & Matt made light work of the surface removal

The strutts weren’t in bad knick… although the skeleton was ‘creative’

Wood is all organised now and ready for Van Man!

All we have to do now is put the blooming thing back together, resurface, ad new coping and a second platform… easy? right?

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