A few years ago I was skateboarding with some of my friends. It was a hot day and after hitting St George’s park we though it was good enough weather to warrant a visit to Filton Skatepark in north Bristol.

I was having a fun day and was enjoying skating the ‘block to drop off’ on this I sessioned my way up to harder tricks and eventually got stuck… on a noseblunt. A trick that I would usually do quite comfortably if I was to apply myself. The problem at Filton was that the day was sooo hot that the ground was abnormally slippery. This slippery ground seems to be a common occurrence at Filton and it proved to be the bane of my life for about 3 hours as I attempted the same noseblunt over 234 times only to slip-out and slam over and over again. On this day the light was failing and I was so exhausted I had to give up but, I volved to return and slay the beast that made me look like a new born gazelle.

Well recently… I returned. Needless to say the slippery floor was happily making a nuisance of its self again… But I, undeterred struggled on and eventually got my reward after a mere 158 attempts… here’s VOL 2 of ‘The NoseBlunt Saga’.

Proving that persistance and determination will prevail!!!!

I Hope you enjoy!


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@Lb_cuts Smashing out a blunt to fakie.

So the back garden ramp is very nearly completed, We treated the second layer to some water resistant wood liquid (paint) and covered the little (huge) blighter with tarpaulin to shield it from the rain.

Once the paint had dried however we did have a little skate on it. So the ramp is officially in ‘beta’. The transition are pretty much perfect although they can be unforgiving if you biasly distribute your re-entry weight in favour of either direction. The second coat of paint has made the transitions mega slippy as well so we do need to add that most important top-layer.

We popped over to a new skatepark just round the back of my garden called ‘Campus’ which is currently nearing completion. Its set in an old warehouse and also has a newly installed mini-ramp. Their mini-ramp is absolutely ridiculous, super mellow literally ‘chills-vil’ After having a quick ride on that we suddenly realised the harshness of the 4 foot beast in my garden. Our ramp is lacking slightly in height to flat bottom ratio, The more Flat bottom between transitions the more ‘thinking time’ the rider has. So with my ramp you need to think fast… possibly even 3-4 tricks ahead at any one time, which is difficult for me as I only have about 4 tricks, after those I just blag my way into some description of a slam.

Still my ramp will serve as a great stepping stone between the super mellow Campus ramp and the naughty thing newly erected at ‘The Deaner’

Time to get some balls and actually start applying ones self. Now, No Excuses.


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Its been serious time since anything has happen to the backyard ramp (basically due to lack of time and funds)

Having a half finished ramp in the back garden is the biggest tease the world has to offer… if you’re a skateboarder. So me and Lawrence decided to put the coping on & treat the wood so we can skate it while I’m looking for the money for the final top layer of ply.

Luckily since this extra day of labour its rained everyday (excellent)… so we haven’t been able to skate it anyway. Lawrence tried…. and slammed.

Here’s how she’s looking now:

Photos courtesy of Lawrence Bowden.

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At the start of this year I fell off my skateboard and cut myself all over the place, I decided to timelapse the healing process.

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Thursday last week a friend of my David aka Goatman offered the use of himself and transit van for the rampmission. Without his contribution we wouldn’t be where we are now.

We moved all the good timber to its new home in the bsck of my garden and started to reassembly, this was a bit of a pain as there were no instructions and because we were making the flat bottom longer and the width of the ramp wider any instruction would have been useless any way.

So with a lot of hard work I present a very nearly finished mini ramp, its blooming massive!

One Van, One Ramp

laying on the ribs

Ok.. we did have some instructions,


Flat bottom supported

Bottom Layer

Getting Second Layer


Platforms and Coping! Just top layer to do!

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Right… so I was going to ask everyone to give me £1 so I could afford to buy timber to build my own back yard mini ramp, turns out if you do nothing… someone will give you one. (strings are usually attached)

Any way, A friend of mine bumped in to a friend of mine at ‘We the People’ festival at Bristol’s harbor side. He has a ramp in his garden but land lord wants shot of it, So we are moving it to mine. The top ply was… well… ruined, so the mission is more of a salvage project.

Taking it to pieces wasn’t to hard… but there were loads of screws and some of the timber was sodden and dead.

Here’s some pic of the progress

The top layer of wood was already removed.

Myself, Lawrie & Matt made light work of the surface removal

The strutts weren’t in bad knick… although the skeleton was ‘creative’

Wood is all organised now and ready for Van Man!

All we have to do now is put the blooming thing back together, resurface, ad new coping and a second platform… easy? right?

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If you’ve been following me on twitter, you will know that I’m an avid skateboarder.

I’ve been skating for nearly 10 years and although me and my friends are past our prime we have decided to try and film a new video. We see this as our last chance to record something good and document our skills so in years to come we can show our children and grand children how RAD we really were.

All we have to do now is land stuff… easier said than done.

Here’s a little montage of fail. Enjoy. The sound track will knock your socks off!

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