A few years ago I was skateboarding with some of my friends. It was a hot day and after hitting St George’s park we though it was good enough weather to warrant a visit to Filton Skatepark in north Bristol.

I was having a fun day and was enjoying skating the ‘block to drop off’ on this I sessioned my way up to harder tricks and eventually got stuck… on a noseblunt. A trick that I would usually do quite comfortably if I was to apply myself. The problem at Filton was that the day was sooo hot that the ground was abnormally slippery. This slippery ground seems to be a common occurrence at Filton and it proved to be the bane of my life for about 3 hours as I attempted the same noseblunt over 234 times only to slip-out and slam over and over again. On this day the light was failing and I was so exhausted I had to give up but, I volved to return and slay the beast that made me look like a new born gazelle.

Well recently… I returned. Needless to say the slippery floor was happily making a nuisance of its self again… But I, undeterred struggled on and eventually got my reward after a mere 158 attempts… here’s VOL 2 of ‘The NoseBlunt Saga’.

Proving that persistance and determination will prevail!!!!

I Hope you enjoy!


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