Tyrannosaurus Ricks A.k.a Rex Martin A.k.a Ricky Martin

Right I have yet to pull my pants up about this but its something I have been meaning to do for ages.

I am going to start kicking out ‘The Video Blogs’ *please picture me (if you know what I look like) doing the whole inverted comma’s thing with me fingers.

A while back I started a proper writtie blog ) but, being a massive lexo, I lost interest. Largly due to the amount of time I would spend proof reading and typing the odd word into Google to see if Wiki thought I was using it in the right context.

My current predicament: I do not own a camera, But luckly for me my imaginary, shed dwelling friend called ‘Neil Young’ does.

So theres nothing stopping me now,

I’ll keep you posted… and I’ll post them blogs Here!