Last Year I popped in to do some work at BBC Worldwide with the EARTH UNPLUGGED team,

I worked on a couple of different properties with editor/long suffering friend Lawrence Bowden aka @LB_cuts and Valentine Riva (Lawrie’s even longer suffering girlfriend)

I was animating motion graphics and designs by KISS MY PIXEL.

Here’s one of our collaborations all the footage is re-cycled from the BBC’s natural history archive.

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Currently working for a really cool and lovely company called HYPE & SLIPPERS, they currently do beautifully designed branding and websites. They called me in to put together a couple of animations for a green company (can’t give too much away). The Animation are going really well and the client is a great guy. Can’t wait to reveal all our hard work.


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So fresh out of Aardman, my frist piece of freelance work was a stop motion animation for web market company ‘Kaboodle’.

They needed an animation to explain what their service did. They originally wanted a motion graphic type piece but I managed to sell the idea that we did a motion graphic style piece but made it entirely out of paper. Here is the finished piece:

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I while back I did some work for our Animate-It kit here at aardman. This involved a little tutorial for how to get started with the great ‘I can Animate’ animation package from Kudlian Software.

Well time has flown and now finally it is available to buy! What you get in the box is some clay, a Morph mold and the Software. All you need after that is a webcam… (which you get pick up for about £5 from wilko’s or something) and then you can rock!

Its a really simple package and great for animation fans that want to have a go at creating their own films.

Go on treat yourself!!! i look forward to seeing your creations littered over youtube!

Theres a free 14 day trial at our animate it website!!! Try before you buy!!!


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I’ve been absent from the world of blogging for a very long time due to that fact that all those meetings at the BBC paid off and we finally got to make a pilot for my CBBC show. The title of which is ‘Ricky’s Radical Reinventions’.

The aim of the show is to encourage kids to be creative and inspire them into wanting to make things… but this isn’t an ordinary arts and crafts show… no it certainly isn’t. In the pilot the children involved help me make loud speakers, actual loudspeakers that work… we then take the same principle add a little expert advise and make a big PA system that an X factor finalist comes and plays through to their school.

The whole project was a massive ridiculous mission but we managed to pull off!!! The kids loved it and hopefully the viewers loved it too.

Not to brag… but also this show saw the return of a very much love Aardman Animation character that lots of you would associate (quiet rightly) with the late, great Tony Hart. The character of course is Morph. He and his crafty companion ‘Chas’ get up to some mischief with magnets in the back of the ‘R3 roadster’ to comical results.

I’ve made a couple of behind the scenes videos so you guys can see how a couple of parts of the show were made and also theres a great pdf you can print off, if you want to have ago at building your own loudspeaker. You can find these clips and downloadable bits on the Ricky’s Radical Reinventions CBBC site

I hope you enjoy!

Hopefully the BBC loved the show too and we will get a series… But if they don’t… This isn’t the last you will see of Morph or your TV, He’ll get back there again some how… He’s unstoppable.


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we all love the coca cola ad that comes on the telly earlier and earlier every year, heres my take on that magical truck convoy.

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I’ve been packing in the animations recently but I’m nearing a time where I wont be able to keep them up for a while (about to get super busy) so heres another one to keep you going until work eases up again.


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Remember remember the fifth of Movember… Because we will all be extremely itchy and moody at this point (we started with a clean shave you see).

Movember lasts all november so get over to​ to show your support!

Our team at Aardman are called ‘Dead Squirrels Regrown‘, we were​ recently featured in Bristol’s ‘Evening Post’ Newspaper receiving a special wetshave from the lovely Guys at Bespoke Male Grooming.

Read the full article here


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Just a little animation I knocked up this afternoon. I’m trying to get myself back into the habit of animating. Here’s something to ease me and you back in…

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Aardman Digital have just announced they are soon to release their new amazing puzzle solving action game ‘Home Sheep Home 2′. I helped out a bit with this by testing it… (not really helping out) and by putting together a teaser trailer from the beautiful hand drawn animation frames.

You can find out more about it at Look out for updates on it release by following Aardman Digital on twitter and by signing up to the news letter on the Home Sheep Home 2 site.

When it becomes available I recommend you get it, its addictive and fun.

I hope you enjoy the teaser!


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